Volunteer / Activities Committee

Volunteer Opportunities

As a non-profit organization in Fountain Valley, we are always looking for volunteers to help us further and expand our purpose.  Volunteer opportunities are available in fundraising, planned giving, grant writing, community events, capital projects, marketing, and anything else you have a passion for. We look forward to your participation with as little or as much involvement as you wish!
Please fill out the volunteer application to show where you would like to volunteer your time to make Fountain Valley a better place.

Activities Committee

Want to join a fun and exciting group of volunteers who are dedicated to creating community in Fountain Valley? See how you can get involved and share your skills/talents with the group. 

The FVCF Activities Committee Meetings:
When: 3rd Thursday of every month
Where: Center at Founders Village Senior & Community Center - 17967 Bushrad St
Time: 7:00 PM.

Volunteer Information - Fiscal Year 2015/16
Total Volunteer Hours: 3,171 
FVCF Volunteer roster: 177…and growing!  

Board Members  
President - Joanne Collins
Vice President - Kerry Wakely  
Financial Officer - Lisa Angelici
Secretary - Connie Wadsley