Foundation Friends

The Fountain Valley Community Foundation (FVCF) participates and supports many charitable groups, activities and programs that benefit our community. We would like to do more and we need your help! Click here to find out how you can help the Fountain Valley Community Foundation in their efforts: Friends of the Foundation Program

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses who value our role in the community and are furthering our success in Fountain Valley.  If you or your business would like to become a friend, you can donate via PayPal.  We appreciate your support!

Fountain Valley Community Foundation Friends:



Brothers, Cheryl (FV Councilmember & FVCF Advisory Board)
Care Ambulance
City of Fountain Valley
Dillmon, Linda and Randy
Flores, Sergio / Star Real Estate
Fountain Valley Bodyworks (Dave March – FVCF Advisory Board)
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital / Jay Vogelsang (FVCF Advisory Board)
Fountain Valley Regional Hospital Foundation
Independence Bank
Little, Nora
Olmsted Associates Accountancy Corporation / Steve Olmsted (FVCF Advisory Board)
Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center
Orange County Women’s Soccer League
Parker, Bob & Fi
Rainbow Environmental Services / Michelle Clark (FVCF Advisory Board)
Rosy Dental
Sam’s Club
Seashore Pest Control, Inc. / John Etheridge
Strikers FC-South Coast
Wu, Margaret



California Futbol Club
Cao, Yvan (FVCF Executive Director)
NHB Futbol Club
Pham, Tanya
Saurastri, Susan
Southern California Impact Soccer
Wolfpack Soccer Club
Vo, Michael (FV Mayor)



Aguilar, Tony / Fantastic Sam’s Fountain Valley
Alex A. Accetta, CPA & Associates, Inc.
 (FVCF Advisory Board)
All-In Productions
Balani, Prem (FVCF Executive Director) and Linda
Beason, Donna
Bennigsdorf, Leon
Cao, Yvan  (FVCF Executive Director)
Cookston, Ron
Coppolino, Tony (FV Fire Chief & FVCF Advisory Board)
Doan, Lindsey
Einstein, Stephen and Robin
Elwyn California, Fountain Valley
Fountain Valley Historical Society
Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce
Fountain Valley Senior Club
Frye, Julie
Gordon, Sue
Grandis, Glenn (FVCF Executive Director)
Gray, Linda
Holman, Sherri
Hugghins, Nancy
Kato, Morio
Lee, Leslie
McCartney, Stacy
Michael Brunner Insurance Agency
Michael Debowski Insurance Agency
Nagel, Steve (FV City Council & FVCF Executive Director) and Nina
Nix, Mark – Remarkable Movie Nights  (FVCF Executive Director)
Norton, Cheryl – The Design Studio  (FVCF Executive Director)
Poirel, Jo An  (FVCF Executive Director)
Proctor, Robert and Carol
Ramirez, Tony and Nancy
Rodriquez, Walter
SantaCruz, Karen
Seeden, Curt and Lynn
Schwerin, Annette
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Sports Authority
Taylor, Carsandra
Wadsley, Connie and Vic
White, Beverly and Tammy
Veterans of Foreign War (VFW)



Crandall, Larry and Sandra
Cunneen, Jim
Fountain Valley Tire & Auto
Heistermann, Jan
Hexem-Thomas, Jeanne
Katsuki, Anna
Seaburg, Frank
Shaylor, Cheryl D.
Thomas-Miyata, Nenita
Westelin, Elisa



Collins, Jo-Anne
Fountain Valley Woman’s Club
Israelsky, Robert
Jaruszewski, Ardith
Lonergan, Deanna
Mahaffey, Dorothy
McGann, Natalie
Shaylor, Cheryl