FVFD Prep Program

The Fountain Valley Fire Department is committed to providing the highest quality all risk emergency response, fire prevention, education, and emergency medical services to the residents and visitors within the community. Through the Prep Program (Preparing, Responding, Educating, Preventing) the FVFD will team up with the FVCF to educate and engage the community through a variety of programs and community events.

PREP Program Overview
The mission of the Fountain Valley Community Foundation is in line with that of the Fountain Valley Fire Department in that we both look to serve and enrich the lives of Fountain Valley residents.

Through the collaborative effort, the FVCF will be a catalyst to support fundraising efforts to assist the FVFD in meeting the outreach and engagement needs of the community.

Examples of community outreach include:

Fire Safety
Residents of all ages can benefit from basic fire safety information. FVFD currently receives requests from many local schools in the city to visit students and share fire safety tips. The department also participates in events such as Youth and Government Day and offers tours of the stations to the public.

Kids and adults both like tangible things they can use so they can remember a visit. Educational coloring books, safety items such as pill boxes, cooking safety items, and water safety items are an excellent way to foster safety and emergency preparedness education.

Smoke Alarm Installs
One of the best ways to mitigate loss of life and property is to ensure that Fountain Valley residents have a sufficient number of working fire alarms in their homes.

Fall Prevention
Falls are the most common cause of fatal injury of people over the age of 65. Fountain Valley has a large senior population that could benefit from a fall prevention education program.

Drowning Prevention
Drowning is the most preventable tragedy. Educating the public on how to be safe in and around water is vital for all communities. Drowning prevention outreach efforts can include informational handouts, giveaways with water safety tips printed on them, and presentations to both younger and older residents.

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